For Gaza Print Sale Campaign

In response to the recent 11-day war on Gaza, Linda Al Khoury, photographer, director of the Image Festival Amman, and founder of Darat Al Tasweer, is organizing a print sale campaign For Gaza with the appreciated efforts of photographers Laura Boushnak, Iman Al-Dabbagh and Shareef Sarhan

In collaboration with the following organization in Gaza: 

– The General Union Of Cultural Centers – Gaza
– Shababek For Art
– Al Ataa Charity Association

The Campaign proceeds will go to: 
1- Organize Art Therapy sessions for children in Gaza

2- Organize an open call grants for a group of photographers in Gaza

Renowned photographers from all over the world donated one image with unlimited copies of prints to support the campaign.

The print size: 20x30cm on Archival Art Paper | 100US Dollars for each print.
Printing and shipping cost will be deducted from the amount and the rest will be dedicated to the campaign.

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